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Gottlieb Law Firm is a boutique family law firm serving clients throughout Toronto and the Greater Toronto Area.   We are experienced family lawyers, mediators and arbitrators eager to represent your interests when family truly matters. We take client referrals from Legal Aid Ontario.* Rely on Gottlieb Law Firm when you demand excellence, commitment and experience. We not only practice family law exclusively, we also lecture about it and write about it. We mentor others.  We know family law. We want to know you, too. *Certain limitations apply.
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"I was referred to Gary Gottlieb by another lawyer due to my high conflict case. From our very first introduction, I knew this was the firm for me. Even prior to meeting Gary, his office staff greeted me with warmth and a high level of energy and support.”  Read full testimonial... “I came to you when my life was in turmoil. I felt helpless and scared because there were so many circumstances out of my control. The future of the people I love was in jeopardy and very uncertain. It was you who gave me the courage and strength to support my family and pursue what was right.” Read full testimonial...