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Gary Gottlieb has practiced law since his call to the Ontario Bar in 1987. His practice is restricted to Family Law, Divorce, Child Protection Litigation, as well as Family Mediation and Arbitration.  An experienced family lawyer, he is well able to serve clients as legal counsel or as the mediator / arbitrator. As senior counsel, Gary has appeared frequently before the Superior Court of Justice and the Ontario Court of Justice. He has many years of trial experience in family law matters and child protection cases.  When in court, Gary is known to be well prepared, as well as to excel at "thinking on his feet."  He is often called upon to quickly analyse and resolve difficult issues. As a Mediator and Arbitrator, Gary is well respected as fair, reasonable in his approach, creative in thought, as well as decisive. His vast experience before the courts has allowed Gary to serve clients from diverse cultural and socio-economic backgrounds. He has worked with legal counsel and child protection workers affiliated with the Children's Aid Society of Toronto, the Catholic Children's Aid Society, the Jewish Family Child Service, and the Native Child Family Service. As a long standing Panel Member of the Office of the Children's Lawyer, Gary is well versed in children's law, and the social science literature outlining children's emotional and psychological responses to separation, both in the family law and child protection contexts. Gary Gottlieb has honed his interpersonal skills, learned the value of professionalism, and the necessity of being sensitive to his clients' needs and desires. He will always tell his clients what they need to hear when they seek his advice.  His peers also respect what he has to say.  Gary has been called upon to lecture other members of the profession in many Continuing Legal Education programmes and the family law masters programme through Osgoode Hall.
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