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Testimonial from “A.A.” Just like to share some of my heart-felt grateful thoughts towards Mr. Gottlieb, to those who might be in the same tormentous predicament of a failed marriage and the divorce process. In my case, it was nothing but headaches, and frustration until Mr. Gottlieb took over as my representing lawyer. Prior to that, the divorce proceeding had been dragging on for many, many years. I was facing unreasonable and insatiable financial demands from the other party. Worst of all, my ex-wife's representing lawyer was unbelievably rude and reckless. He employed various delaying and intimidating tactics. From my standpoint, I wanted to avoid hatred and vindictiveness. The messy proceeding ended up putting me into deep anguish because I found myself having to defend myself and to protect my ex from being misguided by her attorney at the same time. They took advantage of this and I got pushed around even more. Everything miraculously changed once Mr. Gottieb came to my rescue. He immediately managed to stem the onslaught and the tide was soon turned. In roughly ONE year's time, Mr. Gottlieb delivered me the Divorce Certificate from Ottawa without first having to pay the other party a hefty demand. That is exactly what I have been seeking--- a closure to the unhappy past, and be able to move on. Most people would think like this: "A powerful specialist lawyer must be expensive." I used to be thinking like this too. But when you are going nowhere with the lesser means, then it would be truly a waste of resources and time. I even lost the right to claim my matrimonial home due to my previous wrongful and foolish assumption. Mr. Gottlieb's fee is in fact very much in line with any prominent attorney’s. However, the difference is that Mr. Gottlieb is extremely efficient and he has a team of equally efficient support staff. There were absolutely no hidden and redundant charges. Furthermore, Mr. Gottlieb has a very detailed and thoughtful billing system that makes the payment at least manageable for an ordinary 'Joe' like myself (a dental-field worker). The entire experience was stress-free and even very pleasant. Forever grateful to you, Mr. Gottlieb. A good lawyer definitely deserves to receive the same respect as to a good doctor if not more. Especially a righteous, skillful, gutsy, yet kind and compassionate one like you. You can help someone in trouble to have peace of mind and to sleep better because they realize that they are in good hands. Mr. Gottlieb, you represent and uphold the positive image of what a lawyer should be. And you have brilliantly manifested the highest standard and value of the world renowned fairness of the Canadian Legal System indeed. Most sincerely yours, A.A. Testimonial from “H.W.” I recommend Gary without reservation as the lawyer of choice of high conflict custody cases for the following reasons:   1) He is knowledgeable and experienced.  He has had many custody trials under his belt and he prepares court documents with ease.  I have met quite a few family lawyers that have practiced family law for years but never done a custody trial. With Gary, you can rest assured that he has been there. He knows his stuff and he is well respected by the court and his peers.   2) He is cool, calm and collected in court. No matter how heated the case gets, Gary never lets his emotions get in the way.  He is quick on his feet, organized with his legal arguments and always focuses on the important issues.  He will guide you through the rough waters of family law. With Gary working on your side, you can finally sleep at night knowing that you have the right help at hand.   3) He is punctual and he always laughs...   Last but not least, you will not wait for him at court. He will be there waiting for you, guiding you.  And the best part is that no matter how difficult your situation is, Gary always shows you there is always hope and finds humor in the worst situations.   Thank you Gary...I Wish every lawyer could be like you, a true advocate in every sense! -H.W. Testimonial from “P.S.” "I was referred to Gary Gottlieb by another lawyer due to my high conflict case. From our very first introduction, I knew this was the firm for me. Even prior to meeting Gary, his office staff greeted me with warmth and a high level of energy and support.  When I first met Gary, he advised me he is very direct and was going to tell me what I needed to know and not what I wanted to hear. He gave me the confidence to continue my battle and put my mind at ease. Gary assured me he was putting myself and my daughter's best interest forward, and has lived up to his word. In each one of my meetings, along with the tasks at hand, there is a time for laughs incorporated into our time, which adds a lighter side of the situation that I feel is very important. The level of knowledge, expertise and compassion exceeded my expectations of a Family Lawyer. I have also had many dealings with his associate, Ryan Alto who also is very professional, extremely knowledgeable and a pleasure to deal with. Thank you Gottlieb Law Firm for giving me peace of mind." -P.S. Testimonial from “S.N.” Hi Gary, I'm writing to express my sincerest thanks for everything you've done for my family. I came to you when my life was in turmoil. I felt helpless and scared because there were so many circumstances out of my control. The future of the people I love was in jeopardy and very uncertain. It was you who gave me the courage and strength to support my family and pursue what was right. After talking to you I realized that even if everything didn't go my way, everything was going to be ok because I was in great hands. You always had an excellent sense of what was right and fair, whether I liked it or not. I appreciated your honesty when my judgement was clouded with emotion. You always brought me back to deal with the very important task of keeping my family safe and doing what was best for them. You were my rock and continue to be a source of strength for me. Your experience and wisdom shines through whenever you are faced with a challenging situation. You always keep your cool and remain professional no matter what is thrown your way. I have learned a great deal from you personally and professionally. You truly are an incredible person that deserves the best life has to offer. Thanks from the bottom of my heart for being such a caring person and my sincerest gratitude for understanding the financial situation of my family during such a difficult time. I will always be grateful for the kindness you extended to us. You are forever in our hearts. You are an incredible person who is very sincere and caring. Thanks for being so awesome. Wishing you all the best in the new year! Sincerely, S.N.
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